Top 10 Signs You Need to Prune Your Tree

From enhancing your tree’s aesthetic appeal to improving its health, pruning goes a long way when it comes to the benefits it brings your trees. Pruning should be done at the right timing to keep you from having damaged, unappealing trees in your yard. Read on for the top ten sure signs your tree needs pruning.


We are not talking about small cracks here, but wide and deep kind. Your tree is exposed to infection if there are significant cracks in the bark. It could also mean that the tree us already dying. Not addressing these cracks can result in the complete decline of your tree’s health.

Overlapping Branches

Your tree is in dire need of pruning when you start seeing branches crossing against one another. Rubbing among branches can cause damage to the bark, which makes it vulnerable to infection. Open wounds are a favorite home to unwanted insects and pests, and it can spread among other trees in a matter of days.

Dense Branches

If you can’t look through your tree, it means that the branches have become too dense and need to be pruned away. While we want healthy branches, we don’t want too much of them because they can fall victim to strong winds and fall on your property.


Canker is one of the most common diseases among trees. It is characterized by sunken and missing bark and can result in the tree’s eventual death or decay, if not addressed.

Unshaped Trees

Trees that are not pruned can grow in every direction. We have no control over which side the branches will grow, which is why some trees have improper proportions. This can lead to the tree having uneven weight distribution and breakage of branches that can harm you or your property.

Broken and Weak Branches

Due to high winds, thick ice, and intense storms, trees can have broken and weak branches. Make sure to have your trees inspected and pruned before and after natural events like these happen.


Deadwood happens in a tree when it experiences trauma. The interior of the tree is exposed because of the stripped bark. Bear bark in trees is an indication that the tree is dying and needs some care.

Wild Branches

Branches that grow wildly can entangle utility wires and damage your roof and windows. Leaving them untreated could cause serious problems down the road. Prune your trees before they turn from an asset into a liability.

Uncontrollable Tree Growth

Landscape trees are free to grow as they wish because they don’t compete with other trees for space, unlike they do in forest areas. The wide space allows them to grow outward instead of just upward. They tend to develop heavy branches that can break and fall through time.

Trimming the Leader Branches

Leader branches are the main branches in a tree. Unfortunately, many times, there is more than one leader branch in a tree, and they compete against each other for nutrients and sunlight. You can avoid this from taking place by choosing the leader branch.

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