Tree Removal: How Trees Are Removed

When a tree dies, it poses a threat to your property in a lot of ways. As soon as the tree dies, its internal structures start to weaken. As a result, the tree itself and its branches are prone to falling and destroying anything in its path. Also, dead trees can serve as a haven for pests, which can compromise the health of other plants in your yard. As such, a dead tree must be removed in the safest way possible, as soon as possible. Here is a glimpse of the tree removal process that we follow when taking down dead, unwanted, or unsafe trees.

Branch Removal

The branches carry a lot of destructive power by themselves. They can encroach on neighboring structures and can cause huge damage if they fall on valuable objects such as cars, if not on people. Removing the branches is often the first step in removing trees. We systematically remove the branches in such a way that no neighboring structure ends up getting hit by them. At the same time, the systematic removal of branches ensures that taking down the trunk becomes a much simpler task.

Trunk Removal

Removing the trunk is the next step of the tree removal process. Depending on the type of tree involved, the trunk can be very large. If you don’t follow the right removal protocols, you can cause serious damage to surrounding properties or cause potentially fatal accidents. We follow specific guidelines on how to remove the trunk, from determining the proper angle of felling the tree to properly cutting off portions of the trunk to eliminate the risk of striking other objects.

Tree removal

The last part of removing trees is to remove the roots together with the stump. If left unremoved, the stump can cause accidents and may become a breeding ground for pests. Also, the dead roots may make the ground unstable, which can cause future problems in your yard. Proper removal of the roots, from stump grinding to uprooting, will ensure that the tree is completely removed in the safest possible way.

Understanding the process of removing trees gives you a better understanding of how difficult this task really is. If you want to get tree removal done the right way, leave it to the hands of professionals. We are here to help you out! Our tree services are highly-rated; we guarantee the best quality of service if you choose us.

Tree removal should generally be left for the professionals. Large, mature trees are very dangerous to remove if you don’t have the skill, experience, and proper equipment. Large, heavy limbs need to be lowered safely to the ground; and, the sheer quantity of wood that needs to be cut will overwhelm most property owners. Additionally, falling a tree takes skill and the proper setting, which is rarely available on most suburban properties. Lastly, tree service companies will be licensed and insured, affording the property owner assurance if an accident occurs it will be covered by the company and not your homeowner’s policy.

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