Shade Trees

When designing a good landscape, keep your shade trees in mind. Even an attractive, small shade tree can add to your overall landscape’s design appeal by providing shade to your home or patio area by blocking the sun. Trees can provide shade to areas of your home in the summer’s heat and the winter’s cold. Trees are good for providing shade because they help to reflect the sun’s rays and block the warmth that is absorbed by the ground. Shade trees are often planted in the southwest section of your landscaped area to provide a lot of shade to your home during the summertime. You can also plant trees to screen your home from possible sprinkler irrigation from the roof.

Shade trees require less wiring than most tree species. However, since all shade trees bear flowers, they tend to attract insects. Thus, some type of pesticides may be required, depending upon your country’s climate. Trees planted on the south side of your home can prevent your home from heating up during the night by providing shade during the heat of the day. Your home can stay cooler even during summertime. If you wish to plant tall, fast-growing species to provide shade on your south-facing wall, you will need to add more insulation on the sides of your home that are exposed.

Most shade trees are indigenous to the area in which they occur. They make them an attractive addition to a tropical landscaped area. Large trees, such as palm trees, are frequently planted on the west side of homes, while dwarf hybrid plants are used to provide shade on the south-facing rooms. Trees require little maintenance however most of them recover from a fall in which they become diseased and need to be replaced.

The bi-products that the palm tree produces can serve trees to be used as mulch – companions of the home. Care should be taken, however, to see that the tree’s fruit doesn’t get harvested. The leaves, depending on the species of tree, can be used for covering the roof.

Green plants and artificial turf provide shade to a home. These products help to prevent the heat of the day and are obtainable in and for all sizes of homes. You can do your part in helping your environment, preserving our environment.